Terminal Freeze

Child Lincoln .

Жанр: Триллер

Alaska 's Federal Wilderness Zone. Two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. One of the most remote places on Earth. But for a group of scientists sponsored by a major media conglomerate, an expedition to the Zone represents the opportunity of a lifetime to study the effects of global warming.

The expedition changes suddenly on a routine foray into a glacial ice cave, where the group makes an astonishing find: an ancient animal encased in solid ice. It appears to be some kind of giant cat, possibly a saber-toothed tiger. When their discovery is reported back, their parent company quickly plans the ultimate spectacle – the animal will be cut from the ice, thawed, and revealed on live television. Ignoring the dire warnings of a local Eskimo group (and a native legend forecasting doom for anyone who disturbs this mythic creature), the scientists make one more horrifying discovery: the beast is no cat. It's an ancient killing machine. And it may not be dead.

Lincoln Child weaves cutting-edge science, Native American legend, and a stunningly stark landscape into a thrilling novel of suspense, using all the skill and attention to detail that has won him legions of fans.


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