Journey to the West (chinese)

Cheng'en Wu .

Жанр: Классическая проза

Journey to the West is a classic Chinese mythological novel. It was written during the Ming Dynasty based on traditional folktales. Consisting of 100 chapters, this fantasy relates the adventures of a Tang Dynasty (618-907) priest Sanzang and his three disciples, Monkey, Pig and Friar Sand, as they travel west in search of Buddhist Sutra. The first seven chapters recount the birth of the Monkey King and his rebellion against Heaven. Then in chapters eight to twelve, we learn how Sanzang was born and why he is searching for the scriptures, as well as his preparations for the journey. The rest of the story describes how they vanquish demons and monsters, tramp over the Fiery Mountain, cross the Milky Way, and after overcoming many dangers, finally arrive at their destination – the Thunder Monastery in the Western Heaven – and find the Sutra.


《西遊記》是中國明代長篇神話小說,古代白話写成。全書20卷100回。吳承恩根據歷代民間傳說,對傳統題 材加以改造。故事取材於唐朝玄奘法師赴西域取經的真實事件,借鑑了大量古代神話和民間傳說,加上作者的大膽創造和想像,塑造了孫悟空、豬八戒、唐僧、沙僧 等個性鮮明的人物形象。《西遊記》的故事曾多次被移植到後世的戲曲、電影、小說、电玩游戏中,在日本等其他亞洲國家也出現了以孫悟空為主角的各類作品。


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